Don Juan, Divorce and the Spousal Benefits of Social Security with Gayle Lob

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Gayle Lob

Don Juan, Divorce and the Spousal Benefits of Social Security

According to the Economic Policy Institute, nearly half of families in the US have no retirement savings at all, and the failure to set money aside for the future ranks as the number one financial regret among Americans. So what if you are counting on receiving spousal benefits through social security, but your marriage ends in divorce? Can you still collect the spousal share? How long should you wait to claim to get the maximum return? Is your ex-spouse involved in the process?

Gayle Lob is the President and CEO of Lob Planning Group, a securities and advisory services firm based in Purchase, New York. Gayle has been helping people manage life transitions since 1987, giving clients the tools they need to plan for financial security and independence. Gayle is an expert in the rules of social security and integrating those benefits into a complete retirement picture, and she has appeared on CNBC, CNN and Fox 5 New York.

Today, Gayle sits down with Katherine to sift through the complex rules of social security. She explains the difference between early retirement and full retirement, addressing how to earn the maximum benefit by waiting to collect. Gayle walks us through the process of claiming spousal benefits in a number of different circumstances, including situations where the partners are still married, divorced or remarried. Listen in for insight around planning for inflation and learn why you cannot depend on a cost-of-living adjustment to social security benefits.

Topics Covered

The complex rules of social security

The difference between early and full retirement

How you earn the maximum benefit by waiting until age 70

How claiming the spousal share works for a married couple

How electing to ‘file and suspend’ allows your spouse to collect

The rules around claiming a spousal share for an ex

  • Married ten years or more
  • Divorced two-plus years

The importance of planning for retirement

The rules around spousal benefits in the case of multiple marriages

How spousal benefits are impacted when the recipient remarries

The rules around claiming the widow’s benefit as a surviving spouse

The necessity of planning for inflation as part of retirement

How the cost-of-living adjustment is determined by the government

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