Navigating the World of Online Dating After Divorce with Laurie Davis

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Laurie Davis

Navigating the World of Online Dating After Divorce

How do you know when you’re ready to start dating again? If you’re recently separated or divorced, you may be questioning whether or not it’s the right time to try to meet someone new. And even if you are emotionally prepared to start dating, you may have questions about how the scene has changed since the last time you were single and how exactly to navigate the brave new world of online dating…

Laurie Davis is the Founder and CEO of eFlirt, a custom service that teaches singles how to use the written word to improve their chances of finding love online. Characterized as a ‘think tank for your heart,’ eFlirt has served thousands of clients and boasts 50 marriages and engagements to date. Laurie has been nominated for the title of Best Dating Coach by the iDate Awards two years running, and her advice has been featured in 500-plus media outlets including The New York Times, Good Morning America and Forbes. She is also the author of Love at First Click: The Ultimate Guide to Online Dating.

Today, Laurie joins Katherine to discuss the impetus for eFlirt and how her background in marketing informs her work. She covers the challenges of dating during the divorce process, explaining the difference between being legally versus emotionally divorced. Laurie speaks to the ways that dating has changed in recent years, including the very casual—yet empowering—nature of the process. Listen in for insight around writing a profile that attracts your target audience and seeing every date as an opportunity to learn!

Topics Covered

How Laurie came to found eFlirt with ‘$50 and a Twitter’

How Laurie’s strategies help clients attract the right target audience

The complexities around dating during the divorce process

The difference between being legally vs. emotionally divorced

Why recently-divorced singles have to re-learn dating

The empowering nature of casual dating

  • Conscious decision to be in relationship
  • You get to choose exclusivity

Laurie’s ‘two-drink rule’ for the first meeting

Laurie’s insight that every date is a chance to learn

Keeping an open mind when your date is not what you expected

Laurie’s tips for writing an online dating profile

  • Be specific about what life is like
  • List activities vs. personality traits
  • Talk about who you want to meet

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