Recognizing the Complexity of Divorce with Integrative Law with J. Kim Wright

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J. Kim Wright

Recognizing the Complexity of Divorce with Integrative Law

Let’s face it: The legal process is intimidating. Separation agreements are difficult to decipher without the help of a professional, and the process often disregards the complexity of what people are going through. Beyond the legal piece, there are emotional, financial, even spiritual implications around ending a marriage. Integrative law seeks to recognize that complexity and design conscious contracts that people can understand and use to resolve conflict.

Kim Wright is a leader in the field of integrative law. Named one of the first Legal Rebels by the American Bar Association (ABA), Kim has been lauded for ‘finding new ways to practice law, represent clients, adjudicate cases and train the next generation of lawyers.’ She leads Continuing Legal Education programs and offers coaching and consulting for lawyers, courts, law firms, legal organizations, law schools as well as the media. Kim is also the author of the ABA best-sellers Lawyers as Peacemakers and Lawyers and Changemakers.

Today, Kim joins Katherine to share how her holistic perspective on divorce was shaped by her experiences. She discusses innovation in the areas of drafting legal contracts written for the people involved and crafting vision statements that reflect the shared values of separating parents. Listen in for Kim’s insight around helping divorcing partners identify their own problematic behavior, using the Blueprint of We to facilitate collaboration, and designing contracts that address change and resolve conflict.

Topics Covered

How integrative law recognizes the complexity of divorce

The connections among the legal, emotional, financial and spiritual aspects of divorce

How Kim’s holistic perspective on divorce was shaped by her experiences

Kim’s commitment to provide dignity to both separating partners

Kim’s innovation in the area of drafting contracts people can understand

  • For, about the people involved
  • Conscious contracts using plain language

Creating a vision statement that reflects separating parents’ shared values

  • Hopes and dreams for children
  • Contributions of each parent

How the Blueprint of We facilitates collaboration, specifically in documents

How to help divorcing partners identify their own potentially problematic behavior

How to design contracts that address change and engage conflict

The lawyer’s higher possibility as a peacemaker

The new approaches to problem-solving set forth in Lawyers as Peacemakers

The significance of recognizing the individuality of each client, situation

How integrative law starts with the big picture and crafts details to fit that vision

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Lawyers as Peacemakers: Practicing Holistic, Problem-Solving Law by J. Kim Wright

Lawyers as Changemakers: The Global Integrative Law Movement by J. Kim Wright

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