‘Second Saturday’ and the Role of a Divorce Financial Planner with Andy Samalin

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Andy Samalin

‘Second Saturday’ and the Role of a Divorce Financial Planner

Divorce is not just a legal process. It also involves an emotional detangling as well as a financial restructuring. Money can be a particularly stressful part of the process, especially as couples begin to consider whether they will be able to maintain the same standard of living now that they’re apart. If you have questions around cashflow, tax ramifications, assets or liability—a divorce financial planner is a good place to start.

Andy Samalin is a financial professional with 24-plus years of experience who has focused his practice on divorce financial planning through Samalin Investment Counsel and Samalin Divorce Finance. A graduate of New York University with a master’s in real estate finance, Andy is a Certified Financial Planner, an Enrolled Agent, and a federally licensed tax practitioner with the IRS. He is President of the Association of Divorce Financial Planners and the Founder and Chapter Leader of Second Saturday Westchester, a nonprofit that educates attendees about divorce.

Today, Andy joins Katherine to discuss Second Saturday, explaining how the organization provides unbiased advice from local financial, legal and mental health professionals. He addresses the role of a divorce financial planner in determining a feasible outcome that allows both parties to succeed. Andy offers insight on the ‘power of neutrality’ a divorce financial planner brings to the collaborative process and the ADFP’s work to establish protections for divorcing couples. Listen in to understand the anxiety around money when divorce is imminent and learn how to choose the right process for your family.

Topics Covered

How Second Saturday offers unbiased advice

Second Saturday’s interdisciplinary approach (legal, emotional and financial)

The gender-inclusive format of Second Saturday

The role of a divorce financial planner

  • Unbundle economic unit
  • Aggregate relevant data
  • Determine feasible outcome

The power of neutrality a DFP brings to the collaborative process

The ADFP’s rules around compensation

Ensuring a divorce financial planner is unbiased and without agenda

The anxiety around money faced by divorcing couples

The process of choosing from among litigation, mediation and collaboration

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